Jennifer L. Armentrout


I have never in my life come so close to going into cardiac arrest while reading a book. Ever. 

Thank you Jennifer Armentrout, because of you, there is a very real possibility that I will need heart medications for the rest of my life. All because of this book.
I should probably just go ahead and buy stock in these. 

If you are reading this, I'm assuming that you have read Opal. If my assumption is wrong, I would strongly suggest you scroll down to the gif of the dancing bear. Go ahead. I'll wait.







Ok. Those of you that are still with me... you all know that the end of Opal was all like:

Because Katy got caught while trying to escape after rescuing Beth from Daedalus and Daemon didn't. So they are all separated and stuff, and that in and of itself is sad.

Add to that what we had witnessed of Beth at that point, and now you're sad and terrified. Because, although Krazy Katy has a nice ring to it, none of us want that.

It's not a good look for her.
Origin picks up where Opal left off.

Daemon is going all rage monster trying to get back to Katy.

Only waaaay sexier!

And Katy is all:

Only less whiny.

So how far will Daemon go to get her back? After what Daedalus reveals about the Luxen, will Katy still be able to trust them?

*Cue the dramatic music!!*

(Note to those that haven't read Opal: I can't tell you about Origin until you read Opal, so get on that! What is below however, should be spoiler free enough that it won't ruin it for you)

This review is really hard to write without epic spoilers, because so much happens in Origin. It's a HUGE game changer. Characters die, new characters are introduced, there are epic battles, betrayals, lots of sexy sexiness, and a CLIFFHANGER (that's right Jen, A CLIFFHANGER!!!) for an ending. OH, and did I mention that its DUAL POV, so you get to be all up in Daemon's head. Oh yeah.

So I'll just say that you should be mentally prepared. Reading Origin is like hopping on the worlds most epic emotional roller coaster. That's not a bad thing. I love that edge of my seat, can't get to the next page fast enough feeling. Origin is pretty intense though.


It's epic.

Also, a side-note that ties this book, author, and blog all together in a pretty package.

Jennifer Armentrout inspired the name of this blog.

How so you ask?

Because when she made her appearance at Decatur Book Fest, she stated during her Q&A that THIS BOOK... ORIGIN... was NOT a CLIFFHANGER!

That's right.

She says it's NOT, I repeat, NOT a cliffhanger.

So when we went back to get our books signed, I told her that I totally disagreed and that it was sooo a cliffhanger. She laughed good-naturedly, and signed my book as follows:

We were so amused, we decided to name the blog "This is Not a Cliffhanger"

So there you go.

Additionally, if you have read the book and would care to vote as to whether or not the book is, in fact, a cliffhanger, feel free to take the poll below.

Is Origin by Jennifer Armentrout a cliffhanger?
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